Take the Stress & Worry
Out of Aging

Most adults fear a loss of independence and the need to depend on others as they grow older... Senior Care Concepts provides confidential, customized services for older adults and their families. We understand that everyone's needs are different and cater to you and your specific circumstances. By working together as a team, you'll have a better understanding of all of the options that are available, allowing you more control of your care. Our Life Care Managers meet with you within the privacy of your own home, offering kindness, compassion and a personal touch that allow you to age the way that you want.

older couple paying household bills

Household Management

Day-to-day management of a household can become problematic as we get older. Senior Care Concepts helps manage the completion of basic household tasks that could become an issue if not attended to. Let us remove the burden from your loved one and handle all of the details.

  • Assisting with Bills
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Transportation to Appointments
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • Finding Providers
  • Client Advocacy at Medical Appointments
Life care manager making a list of doctors and medical contacts

Getting Your Affairs in Order

The uncertainty of the future makes it extremely important to have all of your legal, medical and financial information in order. Senior Care Concepts can help organize these important documents and put your mind at rest.

Medical Concerns

  • Emergency Contact List
  • List of Doctors
  • Medication Lists

    Legal / Financial Concerns

  • Powers of Attorney (POA)
  • Living Will
  • Financial Information / Contacts
  • Long Term Care Insurance review
life care manager communicating with clients son

Stress Relief for Family / Caregivers

Stress is bound to become an issue as loved ones get older and require different forms of care. And if you're not close by to assist in caregiving, it can be even more stressful not knowing exactly what's happening.

Our team can attend an appointment or hospitalization and follow up with the medical team, family and client about next steps for treatment and care plan. We advocate for our clients when you can't be there.

Senior Care Concepts works to keep everyone in the loop and aware of any changes / milestones in your loved one's condition, even when you're far away from RI.

A Sample Client Scenario

Mary was referred to Senior Care Concepts by her Financial Advisor. When we first met with her, she was living alone in a condo, very high functioning but felt overwhelmed with bill paying. She struggled with macular degeneration, considered legally blind and no longer able to drive. About a year in, she began to need assistance with personal errands. Our Life Care Manager hired a Home Care Agency to assist twice weekly for 8 hours and opened her long-term care policy she had paid into for many years.

Our Life Care Manager began to accompany the client to major medical appointments, assisting with follow-up and communication with medical offices as her eyesight continued to worsen. Our Life Care Manager began visiting every 2 weeks at that point to accommodate Mary's needs.

Mary's macular degeneration worsened and she became more anxious as her cognition declined. Medications needed to be added and monitored by her primary care doctor. Our Life Care Manager began visiting weekly and increased home care to daily in order to help decrease her anxiety and allow the client to feel safe and remain in her own home. Mary's family worked long hours and did not have the availability to monitor her in home as closely or as much as they would have liked. Senior Care Concepts has now fine-tuned caregivers to 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening 7 days a week to assist with meal prep, errands, showers and overall home safety.

Our Life Care Manager oversees all care and maintenance in home, medical issues and assists as needed with financial issues along with family assistance and support. Long-term care insurance reimburses Mary for a large portion of in-home care, reducing the financial burden.

Many transitions over the years in care and the involvement of the Senior Care Concepts Life Care Manager has allowed Mary to remain in her own home feeling safe and supported.

Our Commitment to You...
Kindess & Compassion

Our Life Care Managers provide personal, one-on-one service, treating your loved ones as members of our own family. We take the time to get to know you and your family and develop an individual plan that will ensure that your needs are met - all within your budget and as stress-free as possible.